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Tesco helps again

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Talented young harp players helped to raise funds at Tesco

The festive season brought more help from Tesco in Callington. In the run up to Christmas the store invites local groups to use their entrance to raise funds or awareness about their causes, we were lucky enough to receive an invitation. One of our ringers is a local harpist who has a number of enthusiastic pupils willing to offer their services to help the ringers raise more funds. So we set up a small display, distributed some collection boxes and listened to the harps. It was very cold, it turns out there is no heating in the entrance and on a wet and windy day there's quite a through draft. We'd originally been offered a two hour slot with the option to continue longer if we wanted. Although it was great fun, by the end of two hours we were pretty much frozen solid, a rendition of "Let it go" seemed most appropriate.


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