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July 2018 - a good month

Calstock Number 5 bells

July proved to be a lucrative month. The leafleting campaign had started to yield offers of help together with cash donations to the PCC, most of which increased by 25% in value because of the Gift Aid scheme. Cyril Worth and Son offered to take the bells to the foundry for us. The Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers awarded the project £6,275 from the Bell restoration Fund and Allchurches Trust gave us a grant of £1,150. More applications were made and many, many rejections were received!

There was one unfortunate surprise resulting from a mishap in the ringing chamber. A rope went out of control and ended up wrapped tightly around the rope guide. A thorough inspection revealed that

the rope guide had become dislodged within the walls, in part because of corrosion. The guide would have to be stripped down, treated for rust and strengthened while the bells were out of the tower. Really only minor repairs, but it would probably need scaffolding. The costs were rising.


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