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A Complete Ring

Calstock tower is fortunate to have a complete ring of Pennington bells, none have been recast or added since 1773. Whilst not unique, it is quite unusual for the same bells to hang in a tower for 250 years without any additions or replacements. Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers gives details of the bells of 171 churches in Cornwall, 89 still have Pennington bells in their towers. However, only ten of those churches have a complete, original ring:

St Andrew's, Calstock. Complete ring in new metal frame. Gillett and Johnston, Croydon 1952

Blisland 1790

Calstock 1773

Jacobstow 1771

Lanreath 1773

St Dominic 1773

St Neot 1777

St Pinnoc 1803 (4 bells)

Treneglos 1712 (4 bells)

Tywardreath 1774

St Veep 1770

The bells of St Veep are particularly special being the only maiden peal in England. A maiden peal being a set of bells which were found to be be perfectly in tune when they were cast. It is said that John Pennington leapt with joy when he tapped the bells with his hammer and found them to be the best he had ever cast.


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