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A Centenary Peal

Extract from The Ringing World, September 18th 1964

In 1961 Gordon Ruming became Rector of Calstock. An enthusiastic ringer himself, Revd Ruming worked hard to improve the performance of the ringers and reintroduced the art of method ringing to the tower. On 7th September 1964 a peal of Grandsire Doubles was rung to commemorate the centenary of the original peal.

This was the first full peal of 5040 changes to be rung on the bells at Calstock, being 42 six score of Grandsire Doubles. The event notification in The Ringing World also records that this was the first peal to be rung by Peter Rawles (Treble) and the first peal 'inside' for Rev Gordon Ruming (2nd). The other ringers were Margaret Bould, Roy Bould (who conducted), Wilfred Boucher and Leslie Cundy. Wilfred Boucher provided an interesting link with the earlier peals, his father and grandfather had both worked on the Kelly estate and Wilfred was taught to ring by Rev Maitland Kelly.


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