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The Christmas Tree festival

Apparently the ringers had not previously entered the village Christmas Tree Festival. This seemed a bit of an oversight; we could help to raise our profile in the run-up to Christmas and have some fun at the same time.

Clearly the theme had to be connected to re-hanging the bells: what better than a tree with a man on a ladder doing just that. White tree decorated with nothing but bells - real bells that tinkled when shaken; an implausibly long balsa wood ladder; and last, but by no means least, a figure on the ladder dressed in a maroon jacket complete with embroidered Taylor's motif, carrying a bell. It was an imaginative work of art, but for the voting public it seems it didn't have quite the appeal of the butcher's illuminated fluffy sheep! Maybe next year.

It is surprising how difficult it is to embroider a company logo onto the jacket of a dolls house figure.

On the fundraising front the most exciting recent event was undoubtably the offer by The Kit Hillbillies to do a gig for the benefit of the Bell Project. Full details have yet to be agreed but it is expected that the gig will take place in St Andrew's Church, Calstock on Saturday 6th April at 8pm. This is sure to be an amazing event, so put the date in your diary straight away. If you've not previously come across the band have a look at this clip:


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