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Strengthening the rope guide - Final Day

The finished rope guide

The final day involved a series of small jobs none of which took too long. We had to put a little cement around the existing rope guide where it met the wall; move the tenor jug from the outside of the ring to the inside; re-attach the pulleys and cord for the rope spider; and make sure the Ellacombe device would hang correctly on the wall bolts. After that there was nothing left to do except take down the scaffolding and do an awful lot of hoovering. Thanks to Kevan Borlase, Robin Clowes and Patrick McClaughry for all their help.

Painting the Ellacombe remains a work in progress. The first coat of rust resistant gloss is in place but another two coats are needed, probably in black, the jury is still out on that point. The wooden parts have been varnished and the pulley block has now been removed from the church so that the fine detail paintwork can be done a little at a time.


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