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Removing the bells: Day 4

Calstock tenor and treble

Day 4 was all about visitors - lots of visitors but not many photos. During the day around 75 children from three local schools visited St Andrew's. They measured the bells and the length of a bell rope; made rubbings of the inscriptions on the bells; and completed a number of puzzles. Everyone enjoyed themselves enormously and had a splendid time. Every child was given a leaflet, a postcard and a pencil as a memento of their visit.

At the end of the school day adult visitors started to arrive as well as some younger children and a few dogs. Much the same activities were pursued: the inscriptions were rubbed and all the visitors were given a leaflet and a postcard. But the after school visitors were also able to enjoy wonderful cakes and refreshments, once again provided by Mary Staff and her team of helpers. Thank you.


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