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Removing the bells: Day 3

Wheel moving through the trap

Day 3 began with loose fittings and wood parts being brought down from the tower. Everything associated with the bells was to be on the floor by the end of the day, all carefully labelled and set into orderly piles. Nothing quite as spectacular as the previous day but a lot of small, heavy bits and pieces.

The church also had to be readied for visitors: a talk was to be given in the evening and the following morning school children would arrive to see the bells. So everyone was busy with one thing or another throughout the day. As well as moving the bell fittings down displays had to be set up, the church tidied and refreshments organised.

Owen Borlase talking about bells

The evening arrived and so did the people. Owen Borlase was to talk about bells in general and the Calstock bells in particular; over a hundred individuals were keen to hear what he had to say. The audience came from all over Cornwall and beyond, in other words Devon.

Owen delivered a fascinating talk that covered a wide variety of topics including bell casting, tuning, types of bells and the Pennington family. The assembled company lingered long after the talk ended, enjoying the experience of seeing the bells on the floor as well as the cakes provided by Mary Staff. Owen happily answered questions and conversation flourished until the end of the evening.


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