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Removing the bells: Day 2

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Calstock Tenor moving between the arch and the rope guide

Tuesday 19th March was a seriously exciting day. The crew from Taylor's were again joined by the Borlase team and also Julian Clinkard, who proved an invaluable helper.

Beginning with the No. 2, the bells were carefully lifted, one by one, and manoeuvered out of the bell chamber and down to the clock room below. The lift was then transferred to a second chain block and each bell was lowered down through the trap door in the clock room floor and into the ringing chamber.

Working slowly and carefully the bells were moved between the arch at the west end of the nave and the rope guide; then steadily lowered to the floor where they were rested onto pallets.

Kit Bardsley, Kevan Borlase, Doug Petipher, Andrew Mills, Owen Borlase and Julian Clinkard

Needless to say this involved a no small amount of manpower and considerable skill. By the end of the day all six bells were safely on the ground and the team could enjoy a relaxing tea break in the afternoon sun.

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