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Raising Awareness

Calstock Number 2 bell

It was clear that some of the donors would want to see that the community was involved in the project and in some cases that they were financially committed to it. This encouraged us to put considerable effort into informing local people about our plans and seeking their support. Activities included:

· Speaking to all the local church and chapel congregations

· Putting notes in the weekly church information sheets

· Writing short articles for the local village magazines

· Putting an article on the parish website

· Setting up a website for the bellringers

· Putting a photo and artefact display at the back of the church

· Taking part in the Heritage Open Day scheme

· Producing an information and fundraising leaflet, which was distributed throughout the local villages and tourist attractions

· Arranging a promotional slot at the local supermarket

· Informing local press

· Taking part in the Christmas tree festival

· Giving an interview to a local radio station.


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