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Tower Rules

The rules of the tower 1773

The ringing chamber of the tower has a number of beautiful painted boards dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of these lists the rules of the tower as recorded when the bells were cast in 1773.

Perhaps a twenty first century version should be created.

We Ring the quick to Church, the dead to grave

Good is our Use such Usage lett us have,

Who swears or Curse or in a Cholerick mood

Quarrels or strike altho he draw no blood

Who wears his Hat or Spur or turns a Bell

Or by unskilfull handling marrs A Peal

Let him pay Six pence for each Single crime

Twill make him Cautious against another time.

So when the Bells are ceased then lett us Sing

God bless our holy Church, God Save the King.

Thes Bells was cast in the year 1773 and the Tower new leaded.

{John Moon}

{John Hunn} Church Wardens

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